abstract 502, "wifey"

devin chicas

mixed media
14" x 16" x 3"


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artist statement

I am interested in the negotiation between material and subject matter as it pertains to ideas of gender, culture and class. My work often incorporates materials that are easily found and often associated with folkloric arts contrasted with classic western art iconography. Having been surrounded by traditional feminine role models, scale plays an integral role in delivering that sense of intimacy that is felt when seeing women mend clothes for their family. I am interested in making art that is conscious of its existence as an art object rather than as an object with a utilitarian purpose. The assemblages often are grounded in decorative crafts that historically have been associated with domesticity and virtue. In my work I seek to challenge the viewer to think of what they are seeing and questions their notions of the materials used and the scale it is referencing.