christy wittmer

porcelain, wood, plywood, concrete, gold luster
17" x 48" x 9"



artist statement

Shaped by a desire to observe how materials interact, the work is a question: What is going on here?  It’s not so easy to figure out.

Step closer. It looks like a pile of stuff. Lean in. Intimate inspection reveals fingerprints, spaces between, shadows that play across the surface.

It beckons, come closer. Subtle differences in color reveal shifts in materials and a cacophony of textures,

the soft buttery surface of porcelain,

a loose pile of joint compound,

the jagged edge of a broken piece of concrete. 

Kneel down, peek around, within.

Finding color is a surprise. Bright yellow string and blue foam punctuate the minimal landscape.

Stand on tiptoes to see what’s on top.

Hyperawareness emerges as the delicately balanced terrain is navigated; a particular sensitivity to one’s own body and position in space emerges. Altered muscle tension and breathing are side effects as anxiety increases. What is going on here? Tiny details are alluring, inviting you to return for another look. Points of connection are subtle. The work takes time to reveal itself.

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