emma safir

silk screen
30 x 22 in.

artist website

Part of the Windows IIseries, The silk screens of “windows” are produced from photographs that I have taken. I skew the perspective and alter the lighting so that the final image is a literal window floating in space, devoid of its architectural context. In these “windows” the view is blocked and lighting is disorienting.

artist statement

My work revolves around my desire to express how I see the world around me. Like many artists, I am driven by the need to recapture the nostalgic and fleeting feeling of a snapshot. Most moments are immortalized now ­ my challenge is to keep expressing the uncanny qualities and the common insistence of representational imagery, and what happens when it’s dissected.

In addition to recreating memories and taking ownership of spaces, I am curious about the relationship between contemporary printmaking and the digital era. Digital media has challenged our assumptions about reality. By altering images with photoshop, I am recreating my personal reality. This is how memories often work anyway. We accept digital manipulation as reality, making my work believable is “original” images.

While the fact that my final product is a print is critical to me, I am not as interested in editioning. I am making singular works that utilize silk screen for its illusionistic properties. My goal in my work is to make prints that can be respected in ways that the art world has not yet demonstrated. My hope is by undermining the tradition, I can compel people to think about printmaking as a different enterprise, moving focus to its formal properties. These properties can carry a great deal of meaning ­­ particularly in the digital age, when everyone’s knowledge and experiences are transmitted through digital images. 

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