Rocío Montoya

Flowers, birds and butterflies collaged on the female body - who wouldn’t fall in love with these Rocío Montoya photographs?  Featured above is a collection of pieces that we just could not get enough of. The figures covered in florals and creatures give Rocío's work an elegant mystery.  This quote from Rocío briefly explains her process:  

           "Here I show you my first experience with the craft collage. I started from my two portrait photographs as a base and the other items I have found in magazines, Internet and illustrations (wonderful) botany. I really wanted to try this discipline and I think I'm going to continue getting further in this versatile visual exercise, hope you like it.”

Yes, we absolutely love it! Rocío currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain as a photographer and graphic/ web designer. The 31 year old photographer has combined her interest in conceptual portraiture with editorial design as the co-founder of Doze-Magazine.

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