Color Crush : Sara Cwynar

Our obsession with color continues! We are currently inspired by Brooklyn-based artist Sara Cwynar's series Color Studies, which bring everyday domestic objects together to create dynamic still-lives.

Words from Sara's blog:

"Trained as a graphic designer and formerly on staff at The New York Times magazine, Cwynar has observed and participated in this process of priming images for wide publics, developing a singular relationship to the photograph and its history in print. As an artist, she is a studio photographer, using this controlled space to remove images from circulation and introduce new ones, not unlike and certainly in reference to failed modernist attempts of capturing and obtaining the world photographically and ostensibly objectively. In contrast, the artist comes to photography by way of intuition, privileging a personal relationship to image histories (those still with us and those now obsolete) and photographic theory. She begins projects from Barthes’ remarks, passages from Kundera, old film stock, outdated adverts in discarded magazines, photo archives in public libraries, and absurdly de-contextualized stock photographs: her mind (and her studio) an expanding archive of nonhierarchical materials to be re-constructed and re-documented. These personal beginnings always, however, lead to the ways in which images act as coded signs and symbols in broader arenas."

Which photograph in the series is your favorite? See more of Sara Cwynar's projects on her website and check out her blog for news of upcoming shows & more!