Submit Your Own Blog Posts!

Here on the Mist Gallery blog, we are always on the lookout to feature fresh artists, designers, and inspirations. To submit ideas for our upcoming blog posts, please email us at Proposals can include images of your work, exciting exhibitions, and more. A list of categories to consider are written below, but feel free to come up with stories of your own! If we are interested in featuring your submission, we will be in touch.

Coverage is completely up to our discretion and any received submissions are not guaranteed to be featured.


Sketchbook Look : Intriguing sketchbook or collection of work that helps you create your final pieces.
DIY : Do you have simple, step-by-step instructions for a project that you’d like to share? Send us a series of photographs, materials needed, etc..
Studio Visit : If you are in a creative field we’d love to see your workspace.  Send us images that best represent your space, focusing on areas that help us get an understanding of how your studio influences your final pieces.
Exhibition Coverage : Gallery or artist collectives with a recent exhibition, feel free to send us details and photographs of the show.
Behind the Scenes : Similar to a studio visit, but can include process photographs of work, your influences, etc.
New Work By : If you have brand new work that you’d like to share, we’d love to check it out!

Plus any other creative topics that are completely up to you!

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