chiweenie gang

cat rigdon

mohair, alpaca, beads on found fabric, one shot and adhesive acetate on vinyl
15" x 10"


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artist statement

The erasure of object identity through the auction process.

I have been in an on-and-off again relationship with Heritage Auction Galleries since I was 19 years old, and a more committed relationship since college graduation.  During my courting of the auction house, I have donned the job of erasing the previous ownership of the decorative arts objects.  Many owners have supplied bad quality images and sometimes useful information to accompany their consignments; little snippets of information and stories wedged down a match safe or in the drawer of an old Louis Gooey bureau.  These decorative objects were not destined to retain their previous sentimental notions, but I have feel it is also my personal duty to help catalogue and mourn the objects’ previous lives.  The notes, images, and labels are stored and categorized within ziplock baggies as I whirl through inventory, then immortalized within my current work through meditative beading, embroidery and painting.  Attempting to echo the initial process of stuffing ziplock bags, most work is secured within a handmade vinyl pouch and displayed as a wall object.  

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