bethanie collins

digital painting printed on canvas
24 x 50 in.


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artist statement

Language is a written and spoken method of communication that helps us create and clarify meaning. However, my paintings use words that have diverse meanings based on context and pronunciation.

I use yellow, blue, green, red, white, and black in each piece. These colors, together as a system, are known as opponent process colors and they comprise a theory of how the human visual system processes color in an antagonistic manner. When one color channel starts to fatigue, another compensates. Color is a visual perceptual property that helps us make sense of our environment, however, this theory highlights how our perception of color is a subjective experience, as it changes based upon context and physiology.

Illusions are things that are likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses through deceptive appearance or impression. My paintings are done digitally, but then printed on canvas to create the illusion of a painting done by hand. I also use stripes to embellish every object I make as they are rooted in classification and deception both visually and historically.

Using words that have multiple meanings as well as illusions and colors that create awareness of subjectivity, I’m challenging the viewer’s perception of reality and intent. This furthers the notion that communication is not a fixed exchange between two forces; whether it is a viewer and an object or between two people or ideas. Everything is in flux and in the midst of a process of self-differentiation.