Entity White

Young Gi Han

acrylic and cement on mirror styrene and wood

14" x 11"


Artist website

Where did water come from? How did stone exist? How do I exist and why I love? From the beginning, there are in-explainable existence, just emerged naturally such as water, stone and humanity.

The curiosity about life, nature, and human existence is infinite and eternal. Mirror, my art medium, originates from water since ancient people used pools of dark still water to see themselves. Later, there was polished black stone, Obsidian, the earliest manufactured mirror. Then, flattening and polishing skill was developed, so metal and glass based-mirror becomes today’s mirror.

My mirror based-paintings, referring natural formulation of stone, or human face, convey the universal and identical story through the reflective material. In my 'natural’ studio practice, such as dripping and wiping, I encounter beautiful flow from paint on mirror. Then, I recompose them with sculptural mediums to make them look like embed in, or emerge from the wall. Then, it becomes sculpture-like painting, which partly reflects viewer’s face. The shape and size of them are slightly different but in range of human face’s ones. This way, I 'make' paintings to 'discover' sculpture, incorporating the aesthetic of natural existence and room for viewers.