Frequently asked questions



How does Mist Gallery work?
Mist Gallery is an online gallery for emerging artists.  Each month, we launch a new exhibit on our website showcasing new and innovative work for sale.

Why should I submit my artwork?
Since Mist Gallery is based online, it is a great opportunity for artists to gain more online presence and exposure.   We are an up and coming gallery working with up and coming artists – we would love for you to join us on this journey.

Since this is an online gallery, are you looking to showcase digital artwork?
Not necessarily.  Showcasing tangible originals is our primary focus.  If submitting digital artwork or digital photography, please be sure you have printed hard copies available.

Exactly what type of work does Mist Gallery accept?
We accept all forms of media including paintings, illustrations, ceramics, textiles, and more.  When submitting work, please keep in mind that each piece must be original and available for sale. 

How do I know if my work has been accepted?
Artists will be notified by email if work has been accepted or denied 1 week after the submission deadline. 

What happens if my work gets sold?
Artists will be notified by email if their piece has been sold.  Email will include further instructions regarding payment and shipping. Note: Mist Gallery takes a 25% commission on each sold piece.

For shipping inquiries and other concerns, feel free to email us at