hang loose

nicole lane

nylon, spandex, latex paint, PVC pipes, latex glove, insulation
4 x 11 in.


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artist statement

My work stitches together household objects, found materials, and items discovered in your local Home Depot, alley way or junk drawer. Much of my mixed media work is influenced by childhood fantasies, my upbringing of Catholicism, and familiar bodily functions. These traditional notions are then tossed on their head and muddled in the process of form, texture, and color. The reduction of the body creates the lump, the knot, and the never-ending coil which eradicates our past knowledge of the human form and introduces an agglomeration of extraordinary elements. 

In 2013, I graduated with a BA from Guilford College and made the move to Chicago with my partner Mikhail Khokhlov. I am currently a freelance art writer and Co-Director of Social Media for Vagabond City Literary Journal. 

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