ice cream collar

megan stroech

carpet, pool float, wood, cotton, collage, latex paint
27.5 x 21 in.


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artist statement

In my work I construct unfamiliar arrangements of low-grade, readily available materials, subverting conventional understanding of their utility in order to spur new conversation between them. I alter the materials by obscuring their shape additively through the use of paint, or by physically subtracting parts of the overall form in order to redirect their function. There is an implied movement in the work, and the forms pull from awkward human gestures and everyday interactions. By combining these modified materials, I seek to produce visual relationships with an apparent specificity of color and form, while still remaining open to further investigation.  Most recently, I have been making digital collages using scanned images or photographs of found objects including carpet scraps, pool floats and landscape imagery.  I am interested in the play between space and object, and creating a tension between the 2D and 3D elements within my work. I often inject small moments of discovery or humor in my work, as a way of inviting the viewer to reference their own everyday experience, whether it be a connection to a specific material or a piece’s overall form. 

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