artist statement

Let me in let me out

billi london-gray

Acrylic yarn, chain-link fence, cotton flannel and digital video projection with sound
80" x 48" x 2"


Artist website

My work in photography, video, poetry and installation art examines the revisionist nature of human narratives. I address gender roles; the relationship between people and technology; stereotypes and bias in history; and social, racial and educational inequality. In probing the process of narrative revision, I contribute to the global dialog about our shared humanity. I see art as the most inclusive form of intellectual activity and public discourse, and the form most capable of dealing with the preverbal, sublime and bewildering experiences of life.

I rely on a wide variety of images, sounds, objects, fibers and environments. I often work outdoors in specific locations because those places are meaningful, inhabited by history and material presence. My use of appropriate sounds, images and texts incorporates the meanings they carry in their original contexts. I include found objects that conjure important affiliations. I work with yarn because I associate it with the female gender, devotion and protection. It also represents the fortitude of women who are restricted to “practical” creative activities, and it connects my work to the reclaiming of tradition craft by earlier feminist artists.