Of Some Clarity, Moment

Zach Stahl

11" x 15"
Screen print on paper
Edition of 15


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artist statement

Before being exposed to silkscreen printing my 2D figural works existed mostly in photography. Although my first few years of learning the medium produced numerous portrait and landscape imagery, I eventually learned to combine the two to make for more interesting subjects. Within the camera, I was able to merge figures and environments through double exposures allowing for new connections to be heightened within previously separated elements. To me, the merging of two elements into one became a seemingly beautiful act against human instinctive desires to separate and categorize.

Opposite to photography, screenprinting often entails separate layers that are placed on top of each other to make an image, unlike photography images that are naturally whole on their own.

My process in creating prints was to resort back to my photographic images, and think of different ways to merge human subjects newly available elements such as paint or bitmap. Using a stencil for the bust of a person’s head, I was able to fill the interior and exterior of the figure to create porous subjects and environments.

I hope to continue this figural work as I continue working in both digital and silkscreen printing.