Incurious series : P is for poke

Lucy Derickson

Repurposed pewter, egg beater, ear bud, brass, steel, wall 
66''x12''x45'' including wall thickness


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Artist statement

I frequent antique shops, a place where hoards of devices and objects indefinitely call home. While discarded or cast off they fill a peculiar place in the world as they wait to be resold. When I find them on vendors' shelves, they beg to be touched. The sensations these objects evoke have become a new sensory experience which is both nostalgic and unfamiliar.

In the Incurious series the viewer is invited to interact with the objects and imagine the function these peculiar devices might have. Made from repurposed pewter serviceware, they reference and transform their original function. I envision my work in the domestic world, redefining their role in a vaguely familiar way. The interaction with these devices produces contemporary and nostalgic sensations, similar to my experience at antique shops. 

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