pink handmade tunic

misti nolen

11" x 84"


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artist statement

As a lefty, my right-handed mother struggled with teaching me how to crochet as a young girl. I learned to mirror her movements and follow her chant-like instructions that I still hum in my head as I work now. Passion for crocheting transitioned to devotion to knitting, but the yarn remained the same. The qualities and varieties of twist and visual fibrous detail found in yarn inspires me to experiment with pattern and form. I began creating and working my own patterns early on and embrace the cultural tendency towards appreciation of well-crafted handmade goods. Surrendering to the ever-forgiving nature of yarn – the simple act of pulling the trailing thread to negate a mistake, I favor the sentiment of making something that is of uncompromising quality. The beauty of my work is that it is accessible across the economic spectrum and is built to last in both longevity of patterning and design as well as durability. I am becoming fluent in yarn as a musician becomes fluent in the language of music. With an active mind comes active hands, and knitting allows for constructive practice in the spare moments of my day. The rhythmic movements of knitting and the mental escape which it offers allows my mind to enter a state that is not unlike meditation and keeps my knitting bag always at my side.