Soft serve camouflage I

Madeline Gallucci

digital print on polyester
88 x 104 in.


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artist statement

My work is influenced by the intersections of pattern, camouflage, smudges, debris, grit, pixels, and how we begin to visually categorize this information. Most recently, I have explored these interests through the medium of painting, drawing, collage and digital prints in tandem with my residency at Hotel Phillips in downtown Kansas City. My studio is on display through a storefront window on street level, next to the valet, allowing anyone to peer in whether or not I am present. While working, I observe the reflections that serve as portals to outside life, index experiences and conversations, catalog patterns and textures, all while keeping up a public presence and performing in studio. I have become fascinated by how this affects my image making, how people respond to me and abstraction, and what the role of an artist in this context truly becomes. 

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