the horror, No. 1

victor perez

Acrylic on canvas
24" x 20"

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artist statement

It is the inherent awkwardness of being that fuels my attempt to make light of that which is hard to bare and to revel in the possibility of the situation. Using a lexicon of familiar forms that bind the absurd and poetic, I am creating a space that can be both playful and horrific, in which, like a dream, the codification of these forms can come into question.

My current work explores a relationship between the grotesque and visceral with geometry forms. The resulting images are an interaction between the self and the unknown, where the contents of these forms exceed their own limits thereby implying the possible collapse of their structures and impending doom. I am interested in using humor as a tool to poke holes in preconceived notions and tear down the facades of structure. This tool is also posited against the work itself, which fosters a self-effacing quality that contrasts the angst presented in the images.

My practice has evolved from a place of carefully distilled narratives, to a place of intuitive working, in which the focus has shifted towards vignettes of vulnerable relationships. The moments I portray are those of an attempt to cope with the humiliation of overwhelming circumstance and the defeat of our faculties. I am imposing on the works that which I wish to see in the world, something strange but beautiful, humorous but honest. I am drawn to the ability of art to communicate this through the re-contextualization of culturally significant forms. In continuing the work, I hope to inspire further reflection on the absurdity and reverence inherent in our condition. 

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