Untitled ( Burden)

Kyle kogut

stone, molded concrete, hand dyed fabric
24 x 20 x 22


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artist statement

I view the world as a paradox; the illusion that it is perfect yet so flawed. My works attempt to define the absurd for myself, embracing the beauty and brutality of life. Serving as a platform to scrutinize my mortality and the pointlessness of life, my work explores existential philosophies and the indifference of nature. 

Through sculpture and painting I have primarily been exploring the uncertainty of life and the futility of resisting death, prompted by a genetic heart disease that affects many members of my family. The impact of the disease on my life led me to create a narrative of my own funeral and quote burial practices, skewing icons such as the grave stone and entombment shrouds. While my anxieties toward death are still an enduring part of my practice, I've also recently been exploring other forms of futility. 

Channeling my upbringing in a household that struggled financially, my newest works delve through the lens of a working class identity and the effort to make ends meet. Working as an auto mechanic and janitor for most of his life, the sacrifices my father has made for my family has inspired this new direction. Largely inspired by the depiction of peasants in Northern Renaissance and American outsider art, I’ve been introducing imagery that references both the laborer and mortality; such as the scythe and the hammer and nail. 

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