david cuatlacuatl

mixed media
12.5 x 12 in.


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artist statement

I respond to an age of intense mobility, both voluntary and coerced, with hybrid processes and mixed media. A dislocated temporal presence is connoted through the use of found materials, which carry the imprint of their former lives. Selected application of assemblage disorients the fictional and illusionistic space connoted within the frame. Using strategies of modern art and vernacular forms, I blur boundaries of low and high art. I often attempt to take a neophyte approach to dismantle structures of hierarchy, to dissolve barriers of property and value.

I am a collector of objects, attracted by their color, texture, form, and scale. I forge relationships with my surroundings through my interaction with these objects. Simultaneously respecting and bracketing their previous history, I bring them to my studio and host them in my work. The struggle to place these orphans in a new context and setting of formal investigations drives the creation and compositional possibilities. 

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