kayla plosz

oil and acrylic on panel
8 x 10 in.


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artist statement

My work explores the formal possibilities of color and color relationships. I use paint to trace the polemic tensions between the linear and spatial, the flat and dimensional, and the opaque and translucent aspects of color. Because I am interested in the idea of something concrete like a still life becoming suggestive and thereby losing part of its definitiveness, my paintings seek to scrutinize the ambivalent dialectic joining intuition to intellect: a sort of vacillation between bodily sensuality and a more logical form of decision-making, both of which are involved in the painting process. As such, I begin my paintings with defined structures—objects or a constructed composition—and progress as I respond intuitively with additive and reductive techniques. The process results in sensual images that seek to deny the intellects’ ability to fix the work in a formulated paradigm as abstract or representational. 

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