artist statement

Untitled (Lavender Triangle)

Jessica Simorte

Acrylic on canvas
10" x 8"


Artist Website

My work is an ongoing examination of how art making can serve as a mode of place making. Space becomes place when human beings form relationships with a location and endow it with value, and it’s this connection that generates my paintings and drawings. Shapes, objects, and interior landscapes fill these works, often abstracted or simplified beyond recognition. Making with a strong sense of urgency and intuition allows for a sort of call-and-response for unexpected outcomes, resulting in work that feels both highly considered, and largely intuitive. By working on many things at one time, each piece generates the next, developing clusters of work that quote each other. Often, these paintings and drawings are later exhibited in these groupings. By looking at interiors through the filter of materials and physicality, the work ultimately focuses on drawing and painting as a means of navigating physical and intangible places. 

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