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nicole bunting

linen and embroidery thread
15" x 15"


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artist statement

Natural patterns present the life story of a living object. A weaving is formed in the same way as a core sample of the earth, the exposed rings of a tree, or my individual fingerprints. Each one of these natural patterns is a physical timeline documenting the world around me. Weaving is the perfect way to mimic the changes found in nature and use them to explore a transformation in myself. I transform with each new row that is added to my life. Each row of the weaving represents a very distinct moment in time that gets compacted down to make way for another.

Keeping a journal at a young age sparked an appreciation for the mundane moments that occur every day. By writing down these moments I was able to keep track of thoughts that otherwise may have been forgotten. The best part of keeping a journal was opening it up and flipping to a specific day and being able to know exactly what I was thinking about. By choosing to read multiple days I could see a progression of myself that was otherwise unclear. A journal and a weaving are both built up over time and become a collection of defining moments. Strong horizontal lines in my weavings read as written lines on a page. Every row of a weaving is another sentence or another thought and every weaving is another page.

Documenting mundane aspects of my life allows me to explore their importance. It is these seemingly unimportant parts that are truly significant because they can't exist without each other. Sometimes it is the absence of something that makes it stand out. A “hole” in a weaving becomes important despite the fact that there is nothing there. Each weaving is a representation of both the significant and the mundane. Linen is used often in my weavings as a way to connect it to a more natural source. Often seen as an ordinary material: linen is normally used as the structure for a weaving and not the surface. Bringing attention to this fiber not only makes a connection between weaving and the natural but also the use of ordinary materials as significant. The beauty of linen lies in its neutrality and when sparingly paired with more luxurious pearl cottons, they are both elevated. My material choice, the placement of each row, and the edge tension all effect the final outcome and serve as tangible displays of these moments. My weavings are a collection of moments to be read line by line