artist statement


michelle selwyn

digital print on cotton and Sharpie
6.5' x 4'


Artist website

I make work that uses the experience of everyday life and the process of how objects come to be. I am extremely interested in the process of making things, and the production practice of materials. The way that something is created is so special to me that I want it to become special to the viewer or user as well.

Physical space and relationships of daily living is what inspires me as a maker. My work focuses on the relationships I hold with people, places, and objects that I come in contact with everyday. Most often there are two different ideas in mind: one, a series of addresses that have played a huge role in shaping me into who I am now, and two, how objects and their relations to us have developed and changed over time within the social setting of our world.

The use of Fiber in my work connects the pieces to a domestic living place, a space that holds all the relations in our lives: family, friends, memories, and objects. Everything comes back to the home; my work uses material and context that can be found in our common spaces of living.