24" X 24"




Paint is a curious substance. I seek to seduce my audience by employing a sensory presentation of paint with focus on materiality. I am interested in presence – the presence of the artist both in and out of their studio – and perspective – the ways in which the artist comes to terms with themselves and their surrounding environments. I search for answers to the question, “What is painting?” It’s the painted line on the street I scurried over this morning, the hat dropped on the concrete last winter, and the color of the sky after a brief rain. Perhaps painting is everything. It’s ubiquitous. It’s an individualized way of seeing.  It’s a brief moment of being. Do you see what I see?

Momentary intense impulses of pigment in binder thrust onto an empty surface; my paintings are materially honest extensions of my being and I an extension of them.  My work is my poetic response to atmosphere, and the poems in which I write about the same atmospheres are also in turn paintings. These paintings display my interest in the manners in which paint or painting exists.

I submit myself to the process of painting as I explore the various ways in which paint pulls, sweeps, covers, reveals, and comes together effortlessly. The paintings share my interest in the piece of peeling paint I strolled past last Tuesday and the bubbled beige latex that distracts me as I try to fall asleep. The work is a plea for the viewer to join in my enthusiasm for the material and gain insight into my individual perspective of the world. The painted moments are monads that offer infinite perceptions of the world meant to connect and disconnect. I make paintings about painting.

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